To ensure 24/7 availability, our extensive support network provides services such as operational support, outsourcing, recovery testing and data security planning. In the area of software support, our services include update procedures, application integration, high accessibility solutions, virtual device consolidation, performance analyses and operational support for data processing centers. We always have the right replacement part in stock when you need it. We can also monitor and control your computer systems remotely via direct data links.

Protecting your IT systems - our quality assurance concept is based on the principle of prevention. In our in-house testing laboratory, we are able to test the interaction of various component combinations. Here, we are able to simulate malfunctions in order to track down and eliminate their causes.

As a certified partner of leading IT manufacturers, our support staff are extremely familiar with a wide range of hardware and software technologies. Thanks to our in-house service workshop, our trained and certified professional staff are able to solve almost any problem in the shortest possible time.

On request, our technicians will gladly come to you to help you with tasks relating to networks, the internet, servers, workstations, printers or software customizations.