Data management

  • constantly growing data volumes
  • fast and high data availability
  • easy scalability
  • secure backup and restore functions
  • disaster recovery
  • easy administration

Today, everyone can benefit from the advantages of professional data storage systems, and the range of storage solutions is growing continuously. We help you find a solution tailored to your requirements. SSD, SAS or SATA, NAS - SAN or DAS (direct attached storage) - NFS, iSCSI or FibreChannel - we are happy to analyze your IT environment for you and develop the solution that suits your needs.

In many a scenario, overstretched storage is a performance bottleneck that is hard to spot. Even minor adjustments often yield significant improvement.

Today's storage systems can do more than 'just' store data. Many manufacturers offer 'intelligent' storage systems with additional features, e.g. an option to copy stored data to backup media. Data mirrored in real-time for redundant data storage in different fire protection zones or different buildings within your company's premises ensure maximum data accessibility.

Special storage solutions designed for virtual environments are even more effective because they take on a majority of the work otherwise performed by servers.

Are you planning to expand your existing storage system or would you like to learn more about the features of different storage solutions? Click Contact to get in touch with us.