IT Solutions since 1992

Our Story

In 1992, owner and Managing Director Matthias Behle established the MERLIN Kommunikationstechnik company in Erlangen. Together with his staff, he offered individual PC and server systems, which were manufactured and configured in-house and pre-installed if required by the customer. Comprehensive advice before purchase and personalized support thereafter had priority above all else.

This sustainable approach resulted in a loyal customer base, even after having operated only for a short time. It allowed the scope of the business to be expanded into the areas of server systems and networks, as well as service contracts and training.

In 1999, MERLIN moved to new premises at Gerberei 19, a vibrant corporate environment in an attractive downtown location with perfect transport connections. Here, conditions proved ideal for the expansion of existing areas of expertise, and the development of long-term training and distribution concepts. Here, IT specialists are trained in system integration in order to grow sustainably with qualified personnel.

In 2008, certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 confirmed the professional and quality-oriented vision of MERLIN Kommunikationstechnik. All distribution, service and business processes are subject to continuous assessment and optimization. The company supports international corporations as a reliable partner with consulting services and training, as well as the procurement of hardware and software products.

In addition, a sustainable education and professional development concept creates a basis for committed and excellently skilled personnel in all areas. Within a framework of flexibly and individually customized service contracts, our specialists provide professional IT support to external companies as well.

MERLIN - your reliable IT service provider